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Xi'an JOTON Energy Group has two subsidiaries, XIAN JUTONG and XIAN HEDELE subsidiaries. It specializes in research, design, manufacture, debugging, process maintenance and integration of industrial automation product management systems in the oil, metallurgical and special equipment, and also has ISO9001 certificates, API, CQC.

The company mainly supplies oil rig equipment and spare parts for the whole world, including ZJ30DB, ZJ40LDB, ZJ50LDB, ZJ50DB, ZJ70DB, ZJ90DB, top drive control system, oil rig winch control system, oil rig rotary table system, oil drilling pump system rigs, Solid monitoring equipment, CAT3512 generator system, SCR, VFD and MCC control system, NANYANG explosion-proof motor, NANYANG cable, Baoji Youtai connector, ABB inverter, Siemens inverter, vibrating screen, hydraulic station, BOP, vortex can l Shanghai Shentong Brakes, drilling tools, towers, explosion-proof air conditioners, accessories for disc brakes. Our company and Sichuan Honghua, BOMCO, Shandong Corey, Sinopec SJ Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd; Nanyang RG Petroleum; Lanzhou LS-NOV; BPMF / BPM (Beijing Petroleum); Shanghai Shenkai; JEREH oil; HRSB. cooperation.